Hugh Ashton's Books Sherlock Ferret – The World's Cutest Detective

Sherlock Ferret is the World's Cutest Detective, who lives in rooms under Mrs. Hudson's bakery. Together with the help of his friend Watson Mouse, and his colleague Inspector Lestrade, who is a rhinoceros (though he is not a very big one), and the Bakery Irregulars, Sherlock Ferret solves mysteries. His adventures are perfect introductions to the world of detection and Sherlock Holmes for 5–10 year-olds.

With stories by Hugh Ashton, and wonderful illustrations by Andy Boerger, these books capture a magical world of heroic small animals, and nefarious villains, such as Moriarty Magpie, and Pablo Pigasso.

Adults will enjoy reading these to their children, and discovering a new world of delightful fantasy that has been compared to Pooh Bear and the Wind in the Willows.

The adventures of Sherlock Ferret are approved by The Conan Doyle Estate Ltd.

Sherlock Ferret has his own Web site.

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